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Great Roll Horse with Potatoes

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Great role with horse

The great roll contains the finest horse meat and local potatoes - ideal for the highest demands and for daily nutrition or as a treat. The sausage is cut-resistant, easy to portion and is produced particularly gently.

All processed raw materials meet the highest requirements and are subject to constant quality controls. Our Great Roll is free from grain, attractants, colorings, added sugar, artificial additives or inferior fillers.


  • Lots of meat: 92% horse meat and offal
  • single protein
  • Also ideal for allergy sufferers
  • grain free
  • Gluten free
  • Without additives
  • Proven Quality
  • Produced in Germany.
  • cut resistant
  • Good portionable
  • Little packaging waste
  • Also ideal on holiday and as a healthy "treat" for in between meals
  • Made in Germany

Horse meat 70%, liver 9%, kidney 8%, spleen 5%, potatoes 6%, eggshell powder, algae lime, algae, brewer's yeast, malt germ, grape seeds (extracted)

Analytical components:
Crude protein: 13.8%, crude fibre: 1.4%, crude oils and fats: 8.6%, crude ash: 3.1%, moisture: 64.5%

A notice:

Store leftovers in the fridge in a bag or container to keep the sausage fresh for as long as possible.

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