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Laundry Detergent for Dogs

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Detergent with a gentle dog formula for naturally clean dog textiles

Mild care and thorough cleaning for all dog textiles (blankets, beds, coats, textile harness, etc.). The mild but powerful cleaning formulation can be rinsed out without leaving any residue. This is why CANELO & Tuf Cookie dog textile detergent with a grapefruit scent is also particularly suitable for sensitive dogs that are prone to allergies and skin problems. The Swiss stone pine oil it contains is known for its calming effect. Without artificial perfume oils!

With INGREDIENTS that work: soaps based on vegetable oils, mild foaming agents and pine oil as well as water.

Natural product: naturally without microplastics, without enzymes, without silicones, without parabens, without paraffins, without perfume, without alcohol

  • Vegan detergent with soap made from local oil
  • Special Tuf Cookie Edition with a grapefruit scent
  • Naturally deep cleans dog beds, blankets, towels etc
  • Hand and machine washable

For the sake of the environment in a bottle made from 100% recycled material!

Application Dog textile detergent

Please note the general hazard warnings for detergents. Observe the care instructions of the textile manufacturer and comply with the specified washing temperature. Recommended dosage per washing machine load (4.5 kg capacity):

Water hardness: soft*, medium**, hard***

  • Light soiling: 40ml*, 50ml**, 70ml***
  • Normal soiling: 50ml*, 60ml**, 80ml***
  • Heavy soiling: 70ml*, 80ml**, 110ml***

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