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Sheep Fat with Seaweed

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Braaaf Sheep Fat Bites (with seaweed) are a 100% natural snack for your dog. Rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements!

The tasty sheep fat bites are rich in vitamins A and D, minerals and trace elements. As a result, the Braaaf Sheep Fat Bites contribute to a smooth and shiny coat. In addition, Braaaf Sheep Fat Bites have a positive effect on the digestive system and support your dog's natural defences.

The taste
Braaaf Sheep Fat Bites Snacks are very tasty and promote the absorption of food in the intestines. Sheep fat puts a protective layer on the intestinal wall and ensures better absorption of food. The better digestion leads to less feces.

Sensitive dogs and picky eaters
The Braaaf Sheep Fat Bites are recommended for dogs that are sensitive to itching and/or have scaly skin. This product is also ideal for picky eaters, because dogs love the taste of sheep fat.

95% sheep fat and 5% seaweed

Analytical components:
Crude protein 1.1%, crude fat 94.9%, crude ash 1.1%, crude fiber 2.5%

A notice:

Store in a dark and dry place. It is best to transfer them to a glass container or something similar so that they last as long as possible.

Always provide fresh water.

Customer Reviews

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Karin Schiller
Anscheinend lecker

Ich habe die Schaffett-Leckerchen nachbestellt, nachdem sie meinem Hund so gut geschmeckt haben, als sie in der Box waren. Zudem hat sich ihr Kot zum Besseren geändert.

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