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Omega Boost

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Essential Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids for overall physical health and is multifunctional for any animal!
Can be mixed with feed.

  1. Omega Boost contains a high proportion of essential omega 6 and 3 fatty acids for the daily requirement.
  2. Omega Boost ensures healthy skin, a shiny coat, optimal bowel function and good feed combustion.
  3. Omega Boost is safe to use on dogs or cats with fish allergies. For all pets, multifunctional with visible results.

Why administer Omega Boost?
- After an illness or surgery
- For a shiny coat
- Support and recovery of (dry) skin
- Support of the heart and arteries
- For optimal bowel function
- For general health

Direct-acting boost of essential Omega 6 and 3, multi-purpose with visible results.

Feeding Advice:
Dog: 5 - 10 ml per day.
Cat: 1 - 2 ml per day.
Rabbits and rodents: 0.5 ml per day.

Customer Reviews

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C. W.
Omega Boost👍

Tolles Produkt, welches meiner mit diversen Hautkrankheiten gebeutelten Hündin wirklich hilft. War nur ein Versuch (von Vielen) -funktioniert aber. Und Tuf Cookie ist sowieso immer zu empfehlen!

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