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Eat Small

Mobility Treats

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Mobility - dog snacks with insect protein for healthy joints

Cold pressing preserves 100% of the nutritional properties and flavors of the natural and healthy ingredients selected by Eat Small.

  • Black soldier fly as the only source of animal protein

    Grain-free recipe - low sensitivity, suitable for allergy sufferers

    Climate-friendly and 100% natural - without additives!

    Soft and compact: easy to share

    For dogs of all breeds from the sixth week of life


Why insects? Because they are not only particularly well tolerated and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers, but are also really sustainable! Compared to other animal proteins, they use up to 95% less space and water.

This saves resources, reduces CO2 emissions and prevents animal suffering. And that without compromising on nutrients and with a delicious taste!

The Eat Small Snacks also have a soft consistency. They can be divided without crumbling - especially practical for small dogs or long training sessions!

Chestnuts 30%, insects 23.5% (Hermetia illucens larvae 22% and oil 1.5%), vegetable glycerin, potato starch, ground hemp seeds 7%, brewer's yeast, green-lipped mussels 1%, eggshell membrane 0.5%.

Analytical components:
Crude protein 17.5%, fat content 5.1%, crude fiber 5.4%, crude ash 3.2%, moisture 17.6%

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