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Kausnack Held

Lamb Ears without Fur

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Lamb Ears

With only 2.2% fat, lamb ears are a very lean snack. You can feed them without a guilty conscience because they don't land on your hips that quickly. They are smaller than other pet ears and are great for dogs of all sizes.

- Particularly aromatic, crispy, low-fat, natural and air-dried
- Great for cleaning teeth
- Chewing snacks for big and small

Feed materials for dogs

100% lamb

Feed analysis
Crude protein 78.2% Crude fat 2.2% Crude ash 6.4%

      A notice:

      Store in a dark and dry place. It is best to transfer them to a glass container or something similar so that they last as long as possible.

      Please always leave under supervision and provide drinking water.

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