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Rabbit Cigars

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Our natural rabbit cigars for dogs are made from 95% rabbit meat, 3% tapioca and 2% collagen. So they do not contain any chemical additives and give your dog tasty, healthy chewing fun.

The delicious meat cigars have no preservatives. Easy to portion and as a pure mono protein source, also ideal for dogs with allergies. Your dog will love them! Due to the very pleasant smell, it is also good to feed in the home.
The rabbit portion in the cigars consists of 100% muscle meat and makes the cigar particularly high-quality!


Length: 12 - 15cm
Width: 2-3cm
Weight (5 pieces): 60-90g
Odor: little
Fat content: medium
Texture: soft
Chewing fun: short


95% rabbit, tapioca 3% and collagen 2% (from beef)

Analytical components:

Crude protein 47.5%
Crude fat 28.3%
humidity 9.2%
Crude ash 8.4%

feed materials

Please note:
As with all chews, the shape, color, size and weight can vary greatly, sometimes even outside of the specified information.

A notice:

Please always provide fresh drinking water.

We recommend supervising your dog when chewing and, if necessary, removing small leftover pieces.

All chews and treats should be stored in a cool, dry place.

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