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Rabbit Skin with Fur

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Rabbit skin with fur - healthy and protein-rich chewing snack for in between

Rabbit chews are becoming increasingly popular as their thinness also makes them ideal for young and small dogs. The rabbit skin with fur offers many advantages for dogs and also for their masters and mistresses, as it serves as a long-lasting and species-appropriate chewing activity! The snack is generally very easy to digest and can therefore also be fed to sensitive dogs without hesitation. The lush fur of the rabbit skin acts as a natural fiber and gently cleanses the digestive tract.
All four-legged friends who like to chew – whether small or large – will get their money’s worth with this article, because the rabbit skin with fur can be chewed longer and more persistently become. In this way, the gums are gently massaged and the Muscles of the entire jaw trained .
Our rabbit skin with fur is untreated and gently dried.
The dried rabbit skin with fur is approx. 15 cm in size.


  • 100% rabbit (monoprotein)
  • Without artificial additives such as preservatives or flavor enhancers
  • Gluten and lactose free
  • With fur to support the natural cleansing of the stomach and intestines
  • Also suitable for smaller dogs
  • Natural teeth cleaning and care

Analytical components:

Protein 49.2%, fat 32.8%, ash 2.7%.

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