Selection of Products

How do we choose our products?

1. We take a lot of time to examine every single treat/chew/toy and useful product very carefully. We make sure that only the best products come into the shop & our Tuf Cookie surprise boxes. We have often received offers from companies that do not correspond to our values ​​and then they are not accepted.

We look for treats that have a high meat, fish, insect, or fruit/vegetable content and are mono-protein treats if possible, so that they can also be used well for dogs with intolerances. In addition, of course, herbs, oils, etc. can also be in it, just everything that is natural and good for your dog and has a transparent declaration.

In addition, we also look for companies/products that are a little "different". So e.g. B. SmoothieDog or Nordheld, who make healthy smoothies & popcorn for dogs.

2. We already have many great pawtner companies that match our values ​​when it comes to the quality and ingredients of their treats. In addition, our pawtners are just as interested in sustainability as we are. In addition, we try to find more of these companies almost every month so that you and your four-legged friend never get bored. So keep checking back so you and your darling don't miss anything.