About Us

For a long & happy dog ​​life

The idea for Tuf Cookie came to me when I noticed once again what a tough dog my little dachshund Amelie is. When I adopted her in the USA at the age of three, she already had some hard times behind her. She was used as a breeding dog and when she was no longer needed, she ended up in a dog rescue center.

Amelie in the dog seat in the car

Her whole life until then had taken place in a cage. Walks, potty training and general commands were foreign to her.

Although I was often overwhelmed by all the new responsibilities and how hard it was to train her, giving up was not an option for me.

I started to love her dearly and so I did everything I could to give her a happy life.

In our time together so far, Amelie has kept me on my toes time and time again: hit by a bike and a car, running away scared and falling down out of clumsiness - with Amelie I have really experienced quite a few things.

Dachshund with scar on forehead

Again and again I noticed what a tough dog she is - a stand-up dog in the truest sense and that I can't imagine my life without her.

Even though a dog is not a human being, Amelie is in a way like a baby for me and therefore a full member of the family. Sometimes I have to think that unfortunately she won't be here forever and my next thought then turns to how I can help make her life as long and fulfilling as possible. Then the question arises: what is the best way for me to influence this?

I became aware that I can help to determine her life span and quality to a certain extent by giving her a high quality and balanced diet, as well as keeping her occupied in a manner appropriate to her species.

Amelie lies in front of three different treats

The idea of Tuf Cookie was born!

With Tuf Cookie, I made it my mission to provide my dog and yours with the best healthy and tasty treats and great optional extras. So we can give our dogs a long and happy life.

You don't have to worry about the ingredients in our snacks (tufcookieshop.com. After extensive research, I select only the best products that end up in our Tuf Cookie Box and Tuf Cookie Shop. I place special emphasis on sugar-free and grain-free treats and snacks with a high meat/vegetable or fish content.

Since a happy dog's life is above all also given in harmony with nature, I as the founder place a lot of emphasis on sustainability. For example, I make sure that we use as little packaging material as possible and that the waste we produce is kept to a minimum.

With this in mind: Let's make our dogs happy!

Yours truly,
Amelie & Linda