1. Do the products have sugar, grains or other ingredients that may be bad for my dog?

No, it is extremely important to us that the selected treats and chews meet our health standards. These exclude sugar, grains and unhealthy ingredients. In addition, almost all treats are monoproteins, have a high meat/fish or vegetarian content. We invest a lot of time in our research and take a close look at every single ingredient. So you can relax and trust the Tuf Cookie Shop completely.

2. Are the products in the shop good for my dog's teeth?

yes they are Especially chews that your dog chews on for a long time are great for reducing plaque on the teeth. In this way, you not only ensure your dog's natural dental health, but you can also save yourself expensive treatments at the vet.

3. How do I know which products are suitable for which dog size?

In our catalogue, you can filter the products by "Small Dog", "Medium Dog" and "Large Dog". Ultimately, this depends on you and your dog. There are also Chihuahuas who like bones and German Shepherds who prefer soft little chews. Incidentally, even small dogs are great at chewing on larger snacks and treats. Here you should only pay attention to the amount and, if necessary, adjust the amount of basic food accordingly. You should also always keep an eye on your darling when eating chews, as it is important that he does not choke. If necessary, remove the last piece if your four-legged friend is gulping too much.

4. What if my dog ​​has allergies or intolerances?

You can filter the products in our shop according to the "main components" so that you only order the products that are suitable for your furry friend.

5. How are the brands/companies that Tuf Cookie works with selected?

We regularly look for companies that share the same values ​​as we do: quality, health, sustainability. We also try to work most with small businesses to offer our customers a wide variety of products that they can't find at their local pet food store.

6. Why is there no flyer, wrapping paper or extra packaging material in the package?

All products usually have information on their packaging or are self-explanatory, so this is not summarized again in a brochure or flyer. The biggest reason, however, is that we always try to produce as little waste as possible. It is very important to us to act sustainably.

7. If sustainability is so important to Tuf Cookie, why are some treats wrapped in plastic bags?

We do our best to act as sustainably as possible. Unfortunately, most retailers sell their products in plastic bags. Of course, these also keep the products fresh for longer. The more orders we take, the better we can influence the fact that the packaging will be changed in the future and that our environment and all of us will benefit from it.

8. Do I have to pay shipping costs?

This depends on the value of your order and the country you live in. There is more information about this here. You can also see how long the delivery time is and when your order will be shipped.