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Why Treats?

Training: Can be used very well for this. There are also dogs that can be given toys, but unfortunately this is somewhat impractical when the reward should be quick. Our little Amelie loves treats and that was just the right motivation for potty training :-).

Love: Sometimes you just want to reward your furry friend, say "thank you" from the bottom of your heart for such a great life companion and friend. It also makes the bond between you and your dog even stronger.

Variety: How would it be for you if you get the same food every day and don't eat snacks? Maybe a little boring. Treats can contribute to more variety in the diet of your four-legged friend. Of course, it is important to make sure that the amount of food is then adjusted accordingly.

Why Chew Snacks?

1. Natural Chewing Desire: Although dogs have evolved somewhat far from the wolf in the meantime, they still have many of the same instincts. This includes the natural need to chew. Chewing makes most dogs happy. E.g. a puppy is then rather busy than chewing on your furniture or biting on shoes. You can also see that it just makes them happy.

2. Dental Health: Natural chews, especially the ones your dog chews on longer, are great for the teeth. They help to reduce plaque.

3. Taste: Our super natural chews taste just great and your four-legged friend appreciates that very much. It is a pure taste experience for your dog.

Why Toys?

1. Play & Fun: Very simple. Your dog enjoys playing. Maybe he loves to carry his toy around and cuddle with it or he likes to bite on it, throw it across the room and catch it etc.. There are no limits for you.

2. Training: If your dog likes to be rewarded by time with a toy during training or you don't want him to eat more, then a toy can be a good alternative to a treat. This is totally up to you. You can of course use both.

3. Distraction: Toys and chews can be great distractions when you are leaving the house or you just need to rest/concentrate on work.

Why Dog Supplies?

This is very individual depending on you and your dog, but many dog lovers need, for example, tick pliers for the summer to make sure that their four-legged friend stays healthy. Paw balm is very useful for the winter months to protect your pet's paws. Cuddly blankets should not be missing in any dog household. They are the be-all and end-all, and sometimes you might even fight with your fur nose over them. These are of course only examples of some of our products.