"A special dog shop"

"We all know the big coffee seller with a changing assortment of everyday items. That's pretty much how you can imagine the Tuf Cookie Shop - at least as far as the changing assortment is concerned, but with a touching founding story featuring dachshund lady Amelie..."

Why Tuf Cookie?

Only the best treats & extras for a long & happy dog life. After all, love goes through the stomach!


  • High quality products without unhealthy ingredients

    Grain-free, sugar-free and high in meat/fish/insects or veggies.
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  • Honest & friendly customer service

    We highly value transparency and that you and your four-legged friend are doing well. We are always there for you!
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  • No hidden costs

    All costs and minimum order values for free shipping are transparently listed & VAT is included in the price.
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